Will A Steam Bath Help Clear Toxins From Your Body?

Certain people question the need for detoxification therapies, as our body is designed in such a way that it detoxifies itself. But it is important to note that in recent years, people are subjected to toxic overload because of our modern lifestyle and environment conditions. Thus, our bodies need to work a lot more to get rid of the excess toxins, thus disrupting the smooth operation of our body systems. The skin, whose basic function is toxin elimination, gets much affected. They could suffer from shallowness, enlarged pores, breakout, dark circles, bumpiness and blackheads etc. because of excessive toxins. Therefore, we are in need of additional detoxifying treatments to avoid such issues.

There is a misconception that sweating would not contribute in removing impurities from the body. On contrary it has been found that toxins like phthalates, BPA (Bisphenol A), and heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury) are concentrated more in a person’s sweat than his/her blood or urine. This proves that sweating is an important way to detoxify your body. Gradually, the idea of “sweating them out” has attained momentum.

A steam bath is a comprehensive treatment that uses moist heat (as opposed to saunas which uses dry heat) that triggers the sweat glands to make you sweat more. Thus, larger amount of toxins are eliminated by the opening of pores through increased perspiration. Also, steam bath helps to induce the subcutaneous blood flow and cleanses the skin thoroughly by opening the pores, removing dead skin and impurities and your skin begins to feel soft, clean, and silky smooth. Many people have reported that they gained a better general condition after a few steam shower sessions.

However, do not go overboard with the intensive sweating as they can cause more harm than good.