What Are Steam Shower Ventilation Requirements?

Your bathroom is one of the most important living spaces in the entire house. This is your retreat after a stressful day. The importance of bathrooms in modern homes is clear when you look at the myriad contemporary designs intended to make this space more comfortable and highly functional.

If you are looking for a bathroom improvement idea you have most likely come across the ingenious steam shower. This is a great addition to your bathroom as it offers multiple health benefits. You will enjoy a clear and moisturized skin while also recovering faster after an exercise session.

If you are to fully enjoy the benefits of your new steam shower it is important to consider ventilation. In an enclosed steam shower a lot of humidity is produced. Proper ventilation is thus required in this enclosed room. A good ventilation system guarantees a longer life of your beautiful bathroom design.  With poor ventilation there is a risk of mold growth on fabrics and wood surfaces. Worse still warped benches will result due to moisture presence and hence the need for a ventilation system.

With time ugly surfaces start appearing on your hitherto beautiful bathroom.  Mold growth leads to respiratory problems among the house occupants and skin/eye irritation. To avoid these problems you require a highly performing ventilation system to guarantee all surfaces are dry when the bathroom is not in use.

A good ventilation system is also a requirement in your bathroom to reduce maintenance costs. If you are installing a steam shower in an old bathroom make sure your remodeling project also includes overhauling the existing ventilation system.  This is because older ventilation units will strain under the increasing load of work which in turn leads to high energy bills.

An ENERGY STAR rated ventilation model is ideal for your steam shower as it guarantees more cost savings something every homeowner wants. More importantly you require an eco-friendly ventilation system which will handle humidity issues, clean odors and pollutants.