How to Turn your Shower into a Steam Room

A steam room is a place where one can experience moist heat hot steam, as opposed to saunas where dry air is an option. It is common in most cold countries, where the warmth experienced in a steam bath provides the much-needed relief from the freezing cold outside. Steam rooms are a commonly seen in gymnasiums, health spas, resorts, etc. However, one need not go outside for a sauna-like experience; it can be created easily at one’s own shower room, using a device as simple as a steam generator.

What is a steam generator?

A steam generator is a bread-box sized device, which works on the basic principle of a boiler, using minimal water to eject a stream of steam at hot temperatures. The device can be added on with aroma infusions, lighting and sound effects to mimic a spa.

How does one create a steam room in one’s shower?

  1. Select the smallest bathroom available, so that heat retention is the most effective
  2. Reduce the lighting in the rooms for better effect
  3. Take a good shower before experiencing the sauna effect.
  4. Use a steam generator, which is much like a plug in electrical device, to boil the water that is normally cold, and to generate steam. There would be steam clouds that would emanate from the shower, without using up much of water.
  5. Post steaming, after cooling down, resume your shower.

How does it matter?

Steam rooms can also be created traditionally without a steam unit, but it requires large amounts of water and electricity. Also, the effect of using a steam generator is unmatchable, given the utilization of physics to create steam clouds and jets.

To experience a budget and environmental friendly steam room within one’s shower, investing in a steam generator would be a wise choice.