Top 5 Ways To Enhance Your Home Steam Shower Experience

Steam showers are known to offer many physical and mental benefits. Originally discovered in Ancient Rome, they were highly used in fitness clubs, gymnasiums, and healing centers. However more recently, people have begun to install them in their own bathroom as a sanctuary to cast off their stress every day. Here are some tips for those looking for ways to improve their experience in residential steam shower,

Make a quick entry

It is common to have the steam shower pre-heated, before you enter into it. Make sure that you do it fast to restrict the steam from escaping. Keep in mind that the more you leave the door open, the cooler your steam bath gets.

Make the steam shower water-resistant

It is important to avoid the steam from leaking, if you want to have a perfect steam bath. Otherwise, it would take a great deal of time to achieve total relaxation. As a result, steam leaks escalate the electricity and water bill. Thus, the doors, ceilings and walls must be made to be able to resist water penetration.

Try aromatherapy

Drop 5 drops of aromatherapy oil onto the steam outlet depending on your mood. It gets mixed with the steam and gets dispersed around the shower. By this way, you can revitalize your orifice by taking deep breadths of the aromatic air.

Use loose-fitting towels

Tighter towels can obstruct the process of breathing and sweating. So breathe easily by wearing your towel loose.

Do not allow your body to dehydrate

Dehydration is one of the potential effects of a steam shower. Thus, it is essential to have water before and after the session to avoid headaches and fainting.

With these little efforts, you can have the most relaxing steam shower experience.