Top 4 health tips to keep in mind while taking steam bath

A steam bath is relaxing and leaves you all fresh and re-energized, no matter how tedious the day had been. However, no matter how inviting the steam spa is, you have to abide by certain tips to ensure complete health safety. The post below highlights on the 4 tips you should keep in mind while enjoying your steam sauna.

No more than 20 minutes

Yes, it feels no less than heaven while you are having a steam bath but you should not be there like forever. According to experts, the maximum time-limit for steam bath is 15-20 minutes. Besides, in the initial days, you should limit the bath time to 5-10 minutes and extend only when you start getting used to it. A longer stay is dangerous and you will end up scaling your skin.

Water is important

You have to keep yourself completely hydrated throughout the process as lack of water in your body while taking the steam can leave you dehydrated. Drink ample water before getting into your steam shower and also after you come out of it. You can even carry a water bottle in your steam shower.

Know the process

You should start the process with a shower first. Then, switch on the steam generator for a steady steam. After 15-20 minutes of steam bath, cool off yourself and take a shower. If you are planning another steam session- doesn’t start immediately. Wait for another 15 minutes as you cool off and then re-start the steam. Don’t forget the concluding shower before getting out of your spa.

No heavy meals

You should not take any heavy meal just before going for the steam bath as it can interfere with your digestion. If you have taken a big meal, wait for at least 1 and half hour before going to your spa.

Enjoy a happy and safe steam.