Tips to Consider While Installing a Home Steam Shower

Installing a new home steam shower can be very exciting and beneficial. However, there is also the responsibility to ensure that all aspects are brought together appropriately in order to make the installation successful and hassle-free. Consider the following tips while installing a home steam shower and enjoy its innumerable health benefits.

A well-insulated shower space is mandatory

The steam generator must be placed inside a well-enclosed and insulated shower in order to prevent the soothing steam from escaping. The shower must be tiles, ceramic or any other non-porous material (porous materials like concrete or granite will dissipate heat very quickly). While some amount of air infiltration can be permitted around the shower door, the space must be 100% water-tight.

Built-in seating can make shower time more pleasurable

Seating may not be mandatory but it is certainly a luxury that enhances the whole experience. While seating arrangements can be based on the available space and user choice, sloped seating (tilted benches installed along the wall)) is considered the most comfortable option. Fold-up seating may be considered for bathrooms that are space-constrained.

Consider the volume of the shower space too

Ideally, a steam shower space with eight feet can be filled using a standard steam generator. If the shower space has a higher ceiling or a vaulted design, then sizing of the steam generator must be done accordingly.

Do not ignore the importance of safety

To ensure maximum safety while using the steam shower, invest in anti-skid strips for the floors.

Choose the right lighting options for the shower space

A steam shower space must always be fitted with vapor sealed lighting fixtures in order to stay protected from the moisture released inside the steam shower. These lights will shut off power when the smallest trace of moisture is detected.