What Tiles To Use With Steam Showers?

Installing a steam shower is more than just adding a vapor generator and control functions. You need to choose everything from the plumbing to the ceiling carefully to the make the most out of your steam shower. Steam tends to get into much more places than water. Hence, the longevity and the safety of the steam shower depend on the type of tiles used.

Here are some key points you need to keep in mind when you purchase tiles for your steam shower,

Smaller in size

When you observe any steam cabin in reputed Spa facilities, you can see compact-sized tiles in the background. Unlike the smaller-sized tiles, larger ones cannot deal with the temperature changes in the steam showers and could crack eventually. Also if you have a curved ceiling or wall, smaller tiles work better.

Soothing color

Do not pick any color simply based on your individual preference. The color you have chosen must have a calming effect and offer relaxation. If you have decided to add a lighting feature, make sure that the tile color enhances the ambiance of the light.

Blends well with the bench

Firstly you need the select the material for the bench before choosing the tiles for your steam shower. This would help you pick tiles that would improve the look of the bench even further.


You need to take preventive measures against slippery floors to prevent any accidents. Unlike the walls, your bathroom floor requires tiles that provide traction. Tiles that give maximum traction and feel comfy under your foot are the best for steam shower floors.

There are plenty of options available for steam shower tiles in the market. Hence, it is quite easy to choose something that fits well with your budget and requirements.