Steam Shower Reviews: Is it Worth Buying for Your Home?

Steam showers have been very popular in health spas, but recently there has been a focus on home spas by the manufacturers.

If you are planning on buying a steam shower, Here are some reviews that will help you decide if the steam shower is worth buying for your home or not.

Review 1

A steam shower is an enclosed case which offers a steam shower and where the vapours cannot flow out. It works in a simple way by heating the water until boiling point. After which, the vapours are made to flow into the room which has walls, floor and ceiling that can stand this heat and moisture. It is hence important that your walls and floor does not get damaged due to vapours and moisture.

Review 2

Steam shower is not easy to install by yourself. You will probably need a contractor to come and help you with the installation. So, you must keep this in mind as an additional cost.

Review 3

There is also a word of caution for high blood pressure or diabetes patients, pregnant women and children to avoid using a steam shower.

Review 4

There are usually two options available for you – readymade units or a custom made one. You can either buy a readymade kit from a manufacturer which you can install directly or else you can get one made.

In case you wish to go for a readymade unit, it will range anywhere between $3000 to $ 5000 and come in two colors only – white and off white.

Though these readymade units fit in well in the room in the place of a bath tub but they might not look a good fit from the point of view of aesthetics as it may look quite different from the rest of the room. At the same time, they are easier to install and safe from the point of view of moisture and vapours.

Now you can decide if the steam shower is for you or not. If yes, which type will be more beneficial for your home – a readymade or custom made.