How Steam Shower Generators Work and Why They Are a Good Value

For many hundreds of years, humans have used steam in various ways to help them relax, open closed sinuses, or increase blood circulation. Although many of the original reasons for steaming were just that it was thoroughly enjoyable, many researchers have found that there are plenty of benefits steam provides. It is known that people have gone to certain lengths to take advantage of a natural phenomenon that’s safe, inexpensive, easy to do, and that makes them feel and look better every day. Here is how you can get your own steam shower generator at home.

Steam Shower Generators Are More Widespread Now

A few years ago it was hard to find many manufacturers that made the units, they were costly, harder to install, and not particularly reliable. Now, however, there are many manufacturers, the quality is up, and installation is a lot easier. There are some factors to watch for when buying a steam generator.

The size of these generators has come down considerably and they are now about the size of a briefcase and can be installed up to 60 feet away from the shower enclosure. There are plenty of options for a placement. Always look for the UL Laboratories certification on any machine you buy since it does have an electric current, water, and heat involved. This is your guarantee that the design has been checked thoroughly and there is no risk of electrical shock or burns from the steam shower generator.

How The Steam Shower Generator Works In Your Home

The controls are in your shower stall and they’re all digital on all of the new designs. Those controls send a signal to a valve at the steam generator to open and allow about a gallon of water from a tank to start heating. Then, the steam passes through a small pipe that is connected to your special steam shower head. The steam is then dispersed throughout the shower stall but is carefully controlled to maintain at around 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

The generators only use about 2 gallons of water in a 20-minute steaming session so they are way more eco-friendly than a regular water shower.

The generators typically use about 7 Kwhs, so that would translate to about a penny per minute of use in most areas of the US.

If you’ve been in love with the shower steam generator at your local spa or gym and would like one in your own home, it’s an easy installation that many handymen can handle. On the other hand, you can call a plumber. In this case, the installation will only take about an hour of time in most situations. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy a steam shower in the comfort of your own home. It’s good for your mind, body, and overall longevity. Buying a steam generator is definitely money well spent.