Steam Bath Weight Loss Benefits

If you are obese and want to avoid health related issues like diabetes, hypertension or artery diseases, you might be looking at options of losing weight naturally. Some of the ways could be a diet plan or a workout session. You can also consider steam bath as an option. But one must ensure correct electrolyte balance is maintained in the body.

Although a good steam bath can be very relaxing and a great way to pamper yourself, it may not be really as effective in losing weight on a long term. There are also a lot of misconceptions connected with it relevant to weight loss. Below we will share some facts about steam bath and its association with weight loss:

Steam bath process

During a steam bath, the room temperature will range between 110 and114 degrees F. With this heat, you will be sweating a lot and in this process, you will lose excess water from your body. You will feel that you are losing weight, but afterwards when you start taking water, you will also regain the lost weight. So, a steam bath will probably help you lose weight, but it will be on a temporary basis. The best way of losing weight in the long term will be by starting an exercise regime for at least 60-90 minutes per week.

Other Benefits

Even though steam bath does not directly affect your weight loss, but it can help you in providing benefits for other lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high or low blood pressure. It can also help in better blood circulation, cholesterol and removing other toxins from your body. It is also helpful for skin related disorders as it opens the pores and helps the skin breathe. It is known to be helpful for arteries as well as the muscles and is great detoxifier.