How to Use a Steam Shower

A steam shower produces steamed water vapors with humidity and it is just like a bathroom shower with an enclosure to avoid water vapors from escaping.

You have an option of using a steam shower with or without the steam. You can use it either ways. But when using a steam shower, there are some points to be kept in mind.


At least thirty minutes before you plan to go for a steam shower, drink a lot of water as during steam shower there are chances that your body may get dehydrated.

You can also pre-heat the steam shower to a temperature that you like at least ten minutes going in to ensure that you get the temperature of your liking when you enter it. Also make sure that the steam shower doors are closed to keep the steam inside. When you start the steam shower, enter quickly inside the enclosure.


You can either do steaming while standing or sitting. During the process of steaming, you will feel wet and moist all over the body due to the water vapors. You can also listen to the radio or your favorite music while enjoying the steam shower.

To add on to your mood, you can also add five drops of any aromatherapy oil in the steam outlet. It will disperse the aroma from the steam shower making the shower area fragrant. Steam shower is a great place for shaving as the steam loosens the dead skin and exfoliation becomes easy.


After you have steamed yourself for 15-30 minutes, switch off the steam and use a cold shower. This will reduce your body temperature. You can also wash your head with a shampoo to cleanse it. After you finish, open the steam shower door to release the steam inside of the enclosure.