How to Shop for a Steam Shower Generator


It doesn’t take an engineer to understand that a steam bath without a good steam generator is simply a fancy, and very overpriced shower stall. That’s all there is to it. Fortunately, when you expose yourself to the different types of steam generators that are available for today’s steam showers, you will be preparing yourself for one of the most extraordinary and relaxing experiences that you can have. The key in this is to understand what is available and what you will need to accomplish to have the capabilities that you want.

Just as is the case with any appliance, there are many things to consider when making a selection for a new steam generator. Fortunately, when you give your purchase enough thought there will be little room for regrets when you are up and started with your new steam shower. Here are some general things to think about. Combine these with the advice of a good dealer, and you will have a long-time winner.

Size. First, and perhaps most importantly is the size you consider for your use. Steam generators come in many sizes. You will need to match the generator that you select with the size of the steam shower you have or are planning on building. You should also consider that you might want to have your generator a distance from your shower, which will take up additional power. Obviously, the better made your generator is, the less this will be of concern. You should also consider the physical size of your generator, especially when you are working in a more confined area.

Quality. Just as is the case with virtually any other product, there are steam generators of many different qualities. There are those that are exceptionally well made, and there are also those that are not as well made. Don’t decide on what you have after you have installed it. It should go without saying, but bears repeating, study before you buy. Work with a good installer to make sure you get what you need and want. Quality also extends to the way a steam generator is made. A good generator will often need hardly any maintenance, but one that is not as well made will often need more maintenance, more often. Caveat emptor! Let the buyer beware.

All the extras. It won’t take long shopping for a steam generator before you notice that there are a lot of extras that can be quite different from one product to another. These include controls that allow you to adjust the temperature and time of the generator. Another important feature is the drainage of the generator, which allows you to completely drain your tank after you are finished so that problems associated with long exposure to water don’t happen to your equipment.

It should be obvious at this stage that there are a lot of things to consider when determining the best steam generator for your use. Working with your supplier you should be able to easily select the best product for your best use.