How to Re-design Your Bathroom When Installing A New Steam Shower?

Your bathroom acts as a refuge, where you can spend a lot time to recover from a tiring day. No other bathroom décor can help your mind and body to relax more than a steam shower. It is the best way to improve your health, composure and productivity. However you need to undertake some bathroom re-modeling work to make the most of your new steam shower. Here are some tips to re-design your bathroom before the installation of steam shower,

  • Make sure that the space allotted for the shower is enclose and isolated. It is best to construct them with tile, marble or non-porous materials so that the steam is retained in its place.
  • Pay attention to the ceiling height of the bathroom. If the height of your bathroom is more than 8 feet or has a vaulted design, then you might need to purchase a higher-rated steam generator. Or else, you can adjust the height of your bathroom accordingly.
  • Fix anti-slip strips in the steam floor for safe-guarding you against slipping.
  • The presence of a sloping bench would enhance your showering experience. If you want to maximize the available area, make it foldable.
  • It is important to get vapor sealed lighting fixtures for the shower enclosure that comes with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The GFCI shuts the power if it spots any moisture in the fixture.
  • The location for placing steam generators must be chosen with care. Obviously, it shouldn’t be placed in the actual shower space. Also, ensure that the location is heated so that the water pipes wouldn’t freeze.

It is advised to leave 12 inches gap around the generator and for allowing adequate ventilation and servicing purpose.

Thus, you can attain maximum benefits from your steam shower.