How Steam Showers Are Put Together

If you want to get rid of the chill during winters or a just tired body at the end of a day, steam showers are a great alternative to a trip for a spa. All you have to really do is just press a button, sit on a bench and enjoy the steam with the smell of eucalyptus. This can be very beneficial for sinus and also release of toxins

But to put together the steam shower at home, one has to understand this equipment well enough. We have listed out some basic steps that can help you do this easily. In simple words, it is just like installing a refrigerator.

  1. Ventilation: The first step is to ensure that the room you are installing it in, should have walls that are dry and there is enough ventilation or even a fan to avoid moisture accumulation. If there is a lot of moisture in the room, it can harm the walls.
  2. Electrical Line: It is important to ensure that the unit is under the GFCI protection. The wire should be in line with the size of the steam shower. It is best if you can take help from an electrician to avoid any electrical mishap while fitting this correctly.
  3. Bath Tub: Sometimes the steam shower is purchased to replace the bath tub. In such a case, remove it prior to the steam shower installation process.
  4. Instructions: There are instructions mentioned clearly on the instruction booklet of the unit. Please follow them step by step. It should not take you more than a couple of hours to complete this procedure.
  5. Water Supply: Your steam shower needs a supply of hot and cold water both for the jets, steam generator and also shower heads. So this has to be also connected appropriately to ensure the steam shower can slide well and it is easily serviceable as well.
  6. Drain: If your existing drain is close to the steam shower unit, it is very easy to connect them both. The steam shower has a 1.5” hose pipe which should be fitted to the drain.
  7. Legs: The steam shower legs should be set up well individually to give it a stable positioning.

You can also build a good finishing around the steam shower but it must be moisture free to ensure that the molds don’t accumulate.