How often do you need a steam bath?

Steam baths are proven to offer a number of health and beauty benefits. They are suitable for people of any age, gender and medical condition. For starters, the warm moisture in a steam room helps relieve tension, make your skin supple, improves your muscle and circulatory system and aids in the treatment of all kinds of joint pains. Following the popularity of steam rooms, they have come to be referred as sweat lodges, hot springs, steam showers, wet sauna, hot bath, hydrotherapy and much more. But the basics remain the same.

Now, coming to the question of how frequently you should be visiting a steam room the answer is mostly a personal choice. Historically, steam baths not only provided beauty and health benefits but also a unique space for social interactions. In the ancient Rome, huge public baths, provided by hot springs, were open to everyone regardless of their social status. People even engaged in dancing and wrestling in Roman public baths! Today, the idea is same but the services are much more organized and professionally run.

There is basically no limitation to the frequency of your visit to the stem room except:

  1. If you are using a durable medical equipment that needs to be disconnected before entering a steam room
  2. Have an infected and open wound
  3. Have a very sensitive and flaky skin
  4. Have serious respiratory problems
  5. Have undergone a surgery recently
  6. You are highly claustrophobic

The general rule of thumb that steam baths is okay to the extent that you feel rejuvenated and fresh. If in any case, getting into the steam room makes your feel weak, it is to be discontinued. Also make sure that you limit your steam bath duration to a maximum of 20 minutes and let the body cool down before opting for a second session.

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