How Does a Bathroom Steam Shower Get Installed?

steam shower


It doesn’t matter what you might be having installed, when it comes to doing so, the natural first question is what needs to be done and how will it affect what is already in my home? This might be especially true when you are dealing with as small a space as is normally associated with a bathroom or some other area where a steam bath could be located. Naturally, when you are considering an installation in a room that is larger and might have an open space where a steam bath could be installed, this isn’t as serious a problem as if could be otherwise, but the good news in this is that with modern materials and an experienced installer, a lot could be done that otherwise might not be considered possible.

A Bathroom Steam Shower Can Be Your Best Friend

Construction projects can often become big deals. That’s understood. Fortunately, with an experienced and knowledgeable contractor, you can not only most often have exactly what you want, but you might be surprised when is able to turn what you considered into your dream come true. There are certain parameters that are usually called for when a steam bath is called for, These include:

Enclosure and insulation. In order for your steam bath to work properly, there must be an area that is enclosed and insulated. Unless it can be enclosed and insulated, the heat and steam that is generated cannot be contained in order to benefit from it.

Clearance. Unless you make a special allowance for your steam generator, you will want to have a maximum of eight feet of height in your steam bath. Unless the height of your enclosed space is less than eight feet from top to bottom, your steam will be disbursed and be less effective than otherwise.

Be careful of your seat. It’s always nice to be able to sit down in your steam bath. For this reason as well as to ensure your comfort, you should make sure that your seat is installed on a very slight slope to prevent water from puddling, resulting in a cold seat for the next person to use your steam bath.

Type of seat. Your steam bath maker will probably have a nice selection of seating available, depending primarily on your room. If you share space with your shower, you should have something that you can fold up. If space really isn’t a concern, you should consider using a bench.

Prevent accidents. It won’t take long before you will discover that a steam bath can, by their very nature, cause accidents. You can prevent or minimize the chances of this with two items. First, use some method of preventing falls. This can be done very easily with an anti-skid platform or strips. The second is electrocution, which can be prevented by using a lighting fixture that is vapor sealed.

There are all kinds of issues when you consider how to install your steam bath. Fortunately, by using a well qualified, licensed and experienced contractor, you can look forward to many years of excellent service from your steam bath.