Is a home steam shower the same as a public sauna?

Many people are curious about the difference between a home steam shower and dry sauna or a public sauna. Both public sauna and home steam shower render the same benefit, namely right amount of healthy sweat. But, they are still different in regards to health benefits and amount of heat generated. If you are looking to either to your bathing environment, you must know the difference.

The material and construction

The material used for the making of a home steam shower and public sauna is very much different. In the home steam shower, there is the use of the steam generator to help pump moisture into an enclosure constituted of glass or ceramic tiles. Here the ceiling is pretty slanted so that condensation moves to the sides rather than dripping on you. Public saunas make use of stones and heater to generate heat. In the public sauna, mostly the rooms are wooden to help trap the heat inside. The user sits on the bench to relax.

Dry heat and moist heat

Well, it all depends on whether you want to enjoy dry heat or moist heat. When you use the home steam shower, the heat you will get is moist.  Thus, it does not get too hot. On the other hand, public saunas mainly produce dry heat where you cannot bear temperature beyond 115 degrees. It also depends on how much heat a body resist.

Steam shower offers more health benefits

Both home steam shower and public sauna provide a lot of health benefits, but the former has the edge over the latter. A home steam shower can also help to alleviate respiratory problems besides relieving muscular tension. When you sit in the moist and warm air, the results are just similar to that of a vaporizer for bronchitis, asthma, and allergy. It can help eliminate cold and cough.

Public sauna and home steam shower- points of distinction

  • They differ as regards to the moisture in the air. If it is a steam room, the humidity is 100%.
  • You tend to relax more in home steam shower
  • Practical and dry sauna cannot be tolerated for long

You may try out both home steam shower and public sauna.