Five Modern Steam Shower Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Adding a steam shower to the bathroom is a great idea to enhance your lifestyle and to save the money that you would otherwise be spending in health clubs and spas. In addition to this comfort, steam showers bathrooms can also offer better aesthetic appeal with a little effort. If you are considering a steam shower for your bathroom or looking to remodel an existing one, have a look through the following design ideas.

Get the Turkish delight home

A steam shower bathroom with tiled walls, floors and multiple geometric patterns imbibe the Turkish spirit. Steam showers and luxury bathrooms originally belonged to the Turkish and bringing that old charm into your home can be a brilliant idea. Just add some posh-looking accessories and bathroom essentials for a more coherent appearance.

Rustic steam showers for a natural ambience

Wood-inspired steam shower bathrooms with natural stone floors, offer a natural ambience for your steam shower. The freshness of the wood and the subtle colors sway your thoughts, and make you feel, as if you are right into the middle of a natural spring and lets you relax in peace. Add a teakwood shower seat to your steam shower and relax your muscles with ease.

Go white and simple

An all-white steam shower with sleek accessories and white shower seat can look trendy and simple. Add chromatherapy to your white steam shower to have a rejuvenating experience.

Beach influenced steam shower

Blend the colors of the ocean into your steam shower design and enjoy a luxurious time every day of the week. Install an aromatherapy reservoir and add few drops of lavender oil to enjoy the sweet smell amidst the classic setting.

Contemporary steel steam shower

A sleek design with steel accents, offers your bathroom a fantastic finish. Install a steam shower with contemporary and modern-looking accessories and give your bathroom a new, refreshing look.