Different Types of Steam Shower Baths For You to Choose From

Types of steam baths.

Recently, there has been a steady increase in the popularity and types of steam baths that have recently hit the market.

So your choices are vast these days. Even so, you must be able to choose wisely from the wide range of products.

Your choice of the steam bath will lean on several factors including the size and even your budget. Other than the size, you must know how frequently you are going to use the steam bath because only then can you settle on the right one.

Below are some types of steam baths and rooms you can consider.

Modular steam shower units.

Installing a modular steam shower unit is one quick way of getting a new steam shower. This type of steam shower has integral doors, molded seats multiple shower heads among others.  This unit lets you enjoy both aa steam bath and a regular shower. Other units even have whirlpool bathtubs in addition to the shower unit. The unit’s interior is made of acrylic which is easy to clean which serves the purpose of keeping water vapor from escaping into other spaces within the bathroom to damage the paint and wall.

The basic models of this unit are configured to fit into the space of a bathtub. This lets replacement of an existing tab an easy task as it saves you the agony of too much reconstruction. Most of them are designed to be easily installed and as a hookup for plumbing.

Luxury and custom steam baths

If you want a steam shower unit that will give you a whole new experience and fit into your bathroom, then you have a custom steam shower as your choice. Custom steam shower, basically, is an enclosed shower that is connected to a steam bath generator and built to handle water vapor. This type of shower is often made from scratch and during bathroom construction. What’s more about this kind of shower is that you can add the amenities you admire ranging from rain showers to rain towers. Compared to a modular steam shower unit, this unit if relatively more expensive. Even as you can have one built from scratch, you can still upgrade your modular steam shower into a custom shower, and that means the cost will be cheaper.

Steam showers are one of the most expensive things you can ever own in your home.

Consequently, it is important to take great care of your unit to boost its longevity. Only then can you realize its benefits and continue to enjoy them.