Common Myths about Steam Showers

While steam shower units carry the reputation of being a complete luxury add-on, their unlimited benefits make them a necessity even for the average bathroom. Steam generators are indeed one of the best bath technologies today and help achieve optimized use of the bathing space.

However acceptance of residential steam generators has been hindered due to a few popular myths in the industry. Read on to distinguish between what is true and what isn’t!

Myth #1

Installing a steam shower can have a huge impact on the wallet

Not true. Planning the installation of the steam generator while remodeling the bathroom can save a lot of money and makes installation easy too. While some people fear increased use of resources, a steam bath session that lasts for 20 minutes uses lesser than 2 gallons of water in contrast to the 80 gallons used for a 20 minute bath in the whirlpool bath tub or the standard shower. Newer technologies like infrared heating help to keep the heating costs under control.

Myth #2

Installing a steam shower takes much time and effort

Quite surprisingly, having a steam unit installed can be done without any extravagant procedures or processes. All that is needed is the right choice of steam generator brands and the right technicians to make the installation process simple, smooth and safe.

Myth #3

The steam generator is merely a luxury add-on that helps create a spa experience

It is true that the steam shower units can help create a spa-like ambience with a few aromatic candles and fragrance tucked in. However, the unlimited health benefits of steam make them an essential element that is beyond luxury and sophistication. The common man can enjoy a whole plethora of health benefits such as lowered hypertension, ideal body weight, great skin and permanent relief from body pain.

Thus, the best steam generator can be a wonderful source of relaxation, good health and fun.