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How Long Should I Stay in Steam Room

Many of us have probably enjoyed a steam room as it feels good and washes away all the toxins. But it is also important to know that one must not spend too much of time in there as it can be risky. When is it a good time to come out? As soon as you…
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Benefits of a Home Steam Bath Vs Public Sauna

If you are one of those who constantly needs sauna or steam bath and is wondering if you should go for public sauna regularly or simply set up a steam bath at your home, here are some of the benefits listed out to help you make your decision. Convenience In terms of convenience it is…
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Top 4 health tips to keep in mind while taking steam bath

A steam bath is relaxing and leaves you all fresh and re-energized, no matter how tedious the day had been. However, no matter how inviting the steam spa is, you have to abide by certain tips to ensure complete health safety. The post below highlights on the 4 tips you should keep in mind while…
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