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Top 4 health tips to keep in mind while taking steam bath

A steam bath is relaxing and leaves you all fresh and re-energized, no matter how tedious the day had been. However, no matter how inviting the steam spa is, you have to abide by certain tips to ensure complete health safety. The post below highlights on the 4 tips you should keep in mind while…
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Top 5 tips to buy residential steam generator

Planning a relaxing steam oasis at home? It feels simply regal to unwind in your own private steam bath after a long tiring day at work. However, you should know that steam showers are powered by steam generators and hence you have to be really careful while shopping for your steam generator. Here are the…
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Steam shower benefits

Steam Showers are an amenity which is often found in homes, gyms, various fitness and athletic clubs. Steam showers are generally taken in an enclosed tile room fitted with a steam generator. During a steam shower, the steam generator produces water vapor which is dispersed around a person’s body. Owing to its numerous health benefits,…
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