Budgeting For A New Home Steam Shower Installation

A steam shower is a luxury that many people consider installing in their new home.

However, before you commit to this, you need to know what the costs are.  This will help you determine if a steam shower is within your budget, as well as what type of steam shower you should get.

1. Basic Steam Shower

A basic steam shower is the most affordable option available, but will not be the best you can get.  The material costs for a basic steam shower will vary from $1,500 to $1,700 depending on the make and model.  However, it is not only the costs of the materials that you need to consider.

The cost of the installation will also need to be factored in.  A basic steam shower will generally carry an installation fee of between $700 and $850.  Of course, this price will vary depending on the contractor that you are using. Generally, it should not cost more than that.

2. Mid-Range Steam Shower

If you have a bigger budget, you could consider getting a more expensive steam shower.  A mid-range steam shower will cost around $1,900 to $2,050 without an installation fee.  The installation costs for these mid-range showers are generally more than the basic ones.  The average installation cost for mid-range steam showers will be between $1,170 and $1,290.  The average overall cost for a mid-range steam shower is $3,190.

3. High End Steam Shower

Getting a top of the range steam shower can be a good investment and will allow for more functionality, as well as demanding higher quality.  These showers will generally cost between $2,100 and $2,500.  The installation costs for the top of the range steam showers will run between $1,350 and $1,550.  This will place the average costs of a high end steam shower at $3,690.

4. Getting Deals

If you want to get a high-end steam shower, but do not have the budget for it, there are some deals that you can consider.  Aggressive pricing discounts are often found during the fall and early winter because this is the low season for contractors.  These discounts usually apply only to the installation costs. However, if you are buying a steam shower through a contractor, you may also get a deal on the device.

Another way of saving money on your steam shower is to visit every supplier that sells it in your area.  You will generally be able to negotiate a better price if there are more than two sellers of the same product.