Benefits of a Home Steam Bath Vs Public Sauna

If you are one of those who constantly needs sauna or steam bath and is wondering if you should go for public sauna regularly or simply set up a steam bath at your home, here are some of the benefits listed out to help you make your decision.


In terms of convenience it is always easier to have a steam bath at home versus going for a public sauna. You can decide anytime to go for a steam bath if you have it at home. But if you have to go for a public sauna, you may have to get an appointment and it may not be as per your convenience.


After the sauna, you can relax for as long as you wish if you are at the privacy of your home without any disturbance from others. But this is not usually possible in a public sauna as there are other customers waiting.


If you are going for a public sauna you have limited time, as per the rules of the spa.  However, if you are at your home steam bath, there is no time restriction for you. You can enjoy the steam bath as long as you like and whenever you like.


When it comes to infrastructure for a steam bath or sauna, it may look less expensive to go for a public sauna in the beginning but once you have a steam bath set up at home, it will save you the expense of paying for a public sauna per visit. Most of the times a public sauna in a good health spa comes out to be an expensive proposition.

In case you are planning to have a steam bath set up at your home, you can either buy a ready one or get it made. You can also use this set up for a long period and hence get real value for the investment made.

Considering the above benefits, it is definitely a better idea to have your steam bath set up at your home especially if you are in need of it regularly.