Why SteamSpa



Create a private sanctuary in the comfort of your own home. Let your stress melt away as you relax in our state of the art SteamSpa baths.

For Centuries people have recognized the health benefits of saunas. Leave your stress behind and enter a world of total relaxation, ridding you of pain, toxins, sore muscles, as well as increasing your blood circulation and leaving your skin glowing. Besides these physical effects, a SteamSpa session will leave you totally relaxed by providing you a peaceful and relaxing environment away from all.

Our advanced technology, engineering, and product development provides saunas that enhance the lifestyles of people throughout the world. SteamSpa is continuously refining, updating, and redeveloping their products, assuring optimum build and quality. Working with the industry’s top engineers, we have developed the most efficient, dependable and highest quality products. SteamSpa’s steam generators provide continuous steam unlike other companies that emit steam periodically in spurts.

highest quality and most reliable steam generators on the market!


  • Dano

    Dano The package was delivered on time and all components were included in the package. The contractor installed the entire package within 3 hours. For best results, ensure that the contractor uses 3/4 inch copper from the generator to the shower. The unit is of high quality and connections were easy to understand. The steam generates…

  • Louis

    louis This generator is very quiet ,starts giving steam really fast , I love the continous steam unlike the last generator I had in my house. I would recommend this generator for sure

  • Steam Generator Reviews
    chavie, Happy Camper

    chavie I love the fact that the steam starts in a minute , my last generator took about 8 minutes . Also this generator is very quite unlike my last one that gave a bang each time the steam came out. I called for installation help , they were great , i would highly recommend this…


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Our Advantages

Health & Benefits

Increased blood flow stimulates the mind and strengthens the heart. You will feel wholly new and as light as a feather after your first steam bath.


SteamSpa is a privately owned and operated company. As such, the stakeholders are involved in daily aspects and operations of the business, and every job is treated with personal care, dedication, and attention. This tight relationship with ownership and company is what can be attributed to our high productivity levels, superior products, unmatched technical know-how, and excellent customer service

Why SteamSpa

SteamSpa is committed to the highest quality and most reliable steam generators on the market. That is why we can confidently offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. SteamSpa for health, beauty and relaxation.