4 Ancient Cultures That Understood the Benefits of Steam

Steam rooms have a rich history that goes way back.  In the past, it was considered the place to go for both relaxation and socialization.  Today, the socialization may not necessarily be a big part of why people go to a steam room, but the relaxation bit is.  Getting a home steam generator is ideal for the ease of convenience and privacy as needed.  Here are some of the various cultures around the world that enjoyed steam baths in the past:

  • The Greeks and Romans – In ancient Greece, the gymnasium was the place to be if you wanted to enjoy the ‘vapor baths.’ The water was often heated using heated rocks or a fire.  The Romans on the other hand created thermae.  This was a place where one could enjoy luxurious baths at a small fee.  However, there were other free baths.
  • The Japanese – Known as ‘Onsen’, the Japanese have used hot springs to enjoy steaming and bathing since the year 1000 BC. They offered these services in bathhouses and like the modern day steam shower units, they provided a variety of healing properties to those who visited them.
  • Native Americans – Steam from what was known as the sweat lodges was used to help cure illness, purify one’s body and revive worn-out muscles. These are some of the benefits you can hope to enjoy with steam shower generators in the comfort of your home.
  • Turkey – Perhaps some of the most famous are the Turkish baths. Known as ‘hammam’, these are built like the Roman thermae but are inclusive on the Central Asian culture of ritual cleansing, steam bathing and a respect for water.

Residential steam generators make you part of a long line of traditions and cultures that enjoyed the benefits of steam.  The ancients knew and enjoyed the said benefits and so should you.