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Is a home steam shower the same as a public sauna?

Many people are curious about the difference between a home steam shower and dry sauna or a public sauna. Both public sauna and home steam shower render the same benefit, namely right amount of healthy sweat. But, they are still different in regards to health benefits and amount of heat generated. If you are looking…
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How Long Should I Take a Steam Bath For Maximum Benefits?

Sitting in a steam room or sauna not only gives individuals a relaxing experience, but it also provides a large number of positive effects for your overall health. Particularly, it plays a major role in improving blood circulation, detoxification of the human body and significant reduction in levels of stress. However, it is essential for…
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5 Benefits to Owning a Home Steam Shower

Owning a home steam shower provides many benefits to homeowners including: Improvement in Blood Circulation One of the major benefits in owning a steam shower is to improve your blood circulation or blood flow via natural means. In this way, steam showers maintain a perfect balance between the positive and lymphatic circulatory systems. Increase in…
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