Monthly Archives: June 2017

How To Convert Your Shower Into A Steam Shower?

Steam showers with their multiple innovations offers intense relaxation and a spa-like feeling for the users. A transformation of the regular bathroom shower to a steam shower is the newest trend which will help turn your bathroom into a wellness retreat. Follow the below steps and convert your shower for a more soul-soothing steam experience.…
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What Are Steam Shower Building Codes In Major Cities?

Any significant home renovation project requires the owner to follow the building codes from the local building authority in every city. The building codes set certain requirements that must be satisfied by the building to achieve optimal safety of its inhabitants. To add a steam shower to your home, you must follow some special considerations…
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Five Modern Steam Shower Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Adding a steam shower to the bathroom is a great idea to enhance your lifestyle and to save the money that you would otherwise be spending in health clubs and spas. In addition to this comfort, steam showers bathrooms can also offer better aesthetic appeal with a little effort. If you are considering a steam…
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