Monthly Archives: March 2017

5 Reasons Why Residential Steam Baths Are Great For Your Health

Homeowners today are looking for home improvement ideas which make their properties more functional, comfortable and safer. Today there are contemporary fixtures which are not only functional but also boost the health of occupants.  If you have been looking for a new bathroom remodel it is time to think about a steam shower. This is…
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How A Home Steam Bath Can Help Your Body Detoxify

If you have been feeling jaded of late it is highly likely that your body is alerting you on the need to detox. Many people know about detoxification but very few are taking advantage of this highly effective procedure.  Detoxification is highly recommended as a natural treatment option; it boosts your energy levels, rids the…
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What Are Steam Shower Ventilation Requirements?

Your bathroom is one of the most important living spaces in the entire house. This is your retreat after a stressful day. The importance of bathrooms in modern homes is clear when you look at the myriad contemporary designs intended to make this space more comfortable and highly functional. If you are looking for a…
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