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Steam Generators

Hot steam output in under one minute thanks to ingenuity and increased efficiency in SteamSpa generator design
Proprietary dual-tank technology results in uninterrupted steam output, allowing to reach the desired temperature much quicker
The built-in auto drain automatically purges the generator after each steam bath, greatly reducing mineral and rust buildup
One of the quietest available, SteamSpa generators offer extremely quiet operation noise levels

Advanced Generator Design

All SteamSpa generators feature a proprietary advanced dual tank system allowing continuous and silent steam output, unlike other companies’ more basic system, employing only a single tank. Single-tank technology results in steam output interruptions, and increased operational noise levels. The dual-tank system not only allow for uninterrupted steam output until the desired temperature is reached, but also provide an ultra-quiet experience, allowing one to fully relax and enjoy the steam bath experience without any auditory distractions.

Built-in Auto Drain

The built-in auto drain automatically purges the generator after each steam bath. This reduces the mineral and rust buildup, substantially prolonging the life of the steam generator.

Generator Sizing Tool

Sizing Tool Easily and accurately choose the right size (KW) steam generator for your specific needs.

Generator Features

  • 6-year limited factory warranty (including parts and labor)
  • Built-in auto-drain
  • Dual-tank technology
  • Continuous steam output
  • Super quiet operation
  • QuickStart™ technology for hot steam output in under one minute
  • Single or dual control panels available for all models
  • Can be installed up to 50 feet from the shower without needing to upgrade to a larger kW model
  • Durable metal construction
  • Superior heating elements – improved energy efficuiency
  • Waterproofed link cable for control panel(s)
  • Works with SteamSpa LED mood lighting
  • Pre-plumbed safety relief valve

Model Specifications

S/D-450 90 4.5 19 240 / 12AWG Product Manual
S/D-600 150 6 25 240 / 10AWG Product Manual
S/D-750 225 7.5 32 240 / 8AWG Product Manual
S/D-900 300 9 38 240 / 8AWG Product Manual
S/D-1050 400 10.5 44 240 / 6AWG Product Manual
S/D-1200 450 12 50 240 / 6AWG Product Manual